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How to Draft a Leg O’Mutton Sleeve by Precious Apparel

Pattern Illustration on How to Sketch and Cut the trending Leg O’Mutton Sleeve by Creative Director at Precious Apparel. Thus Illustration is for all Designers.




Say No To Boring Sleeve, Leg O’ Mutton is trending and it fits like gloves. Be extraordinary with your sleeve because it can change the look of your outfit completely. Mutton sleeve needs an extra interface to give a fuller look or effect. You can use hairstay or peplum stay to give it that extra full look.

This illustration is for all fashion designer.

Required Measurements

  1. Bust
  2. Sleeve Length
  3. Round Sleeve

Note – if you want a more fuller look, spread wider and raise the sleeve head higher.

Let your creativity guide you.

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Hope this illustration was helpful?

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Pictures was gotten from Pinterest 📌

How to Draft a Leg O’Mutton Sleeve by Precious Apparel

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