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Veekee James Empowerment Gala Constants

Check Out 2022 Veekee James Annual Empowerment Gala 7 Finalist Fashion Designers contestants and other stunning wears in the event.



2022 Veekee James Annual Empowerment Gala Event

Veekee James is one of the most Popular, Award Winning, Fashion Influencer, Model, Fashion Designer, Fashion Tutor etc, in Nigeria, Africa. She has one of the biggest fashion academy and have trained a lot of women and men in African fashion world. She was also featured in recent concluded 2022 Big Brother Naija Show with her friend Prudential Styling. You cannot mention fashion in Nigeria without mentioning her name. She’s a Celebrity Fashion Designer and have worked with many Celebrities in Africa and the world.

Veekee James Annual Empowerment Gala is a Fashion Designers Empowerment event she organized to support other upcoming young fashion designers in Nigeria. The runway show was held in Lagos, on the 6th of October, 2022 and is one of its kind in the Country because young fashion designers in the Country lack that kind or support from the government. Huge cash and other prizes was awarded to the 7 (seven) Finalist Fashion Designers contestants which includes; @fbiwearsandstyling, @taylorleezee_official, @miraveedesigns, @kaykay_by_design, @designs_by_leezie, @dera_grey_designs, @adopolra_creations

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All the Finalist 7 Contestants are all creative and amazing young fashion designers and not surprise they all made it to the Final but only First and Second position went home with N700,000 and N400,000 respectively with others prizes too. @designs_by_leezie emerged the Winner and @adopolra_creation took second place position.

This is a very welcomed event for young fashion designers in Nigeria to encourage, appropriate, inspire and Empower them. Appreciation to Veekee James and sponsors of the Veekee James Annual Empowerment Gala 2022 and We can’t wait for next year Event.

Veekee James Annual Empowerment Gala
Veekee James
Veekee James
Taylor Leezee Official
Taylor Leezee

kaykay by design

fbi wears and styling
Fbi Wears

design by leezie
WINNER – Designs by Lezie

Dera Grey

2nd Place Winner – Adopolra Creations

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