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How I became a Fashion Designer by Derochluxury

Everyone has a story how he/she started a Beautiful Journey in life. A Journey that makes a big impact in our lives started somewhere and here is an inspiring story/experience of How this Young Designer started her clothing brand at Derochluxury




This inspiring story below, is How Derochluxury became a Fashion Designer and I believe this will inspire someone.

Nine months ago, I was depressed from my broken relationship, so I decided to get myself busy with something, so I went to register in a close by tailoring store just to forget about the guy.

So, the journey started and I was just doing it for doing seek, but because I had a sweet boss who saw some potentials in me, she calmly thought me and I fell in love with fashion designing, then I stopped doing it for doing seek, then I fell in love with it and it became a passion and I was ready to advance get more knowledge and explore.

Creative Director at Derochluxury

Then, I started stalking Prudential Fashion Academy page, thanks to @designs_by_lezie who made me fall in love with that academy and I was ready to pay anything just to be there. Immediately I finished with my first boss, I applied for Prudential Fashion Academy and immediately I was accepted and given admission, then I knew God was with me on this journey.

Creative Director At Designs by lezie

Then again another journey started a three months journey with prudential fashion academy on the 12th of September 2022 everything was happening so fast and smooth. In this journey it took my money, my energy, my time , my life at some point I wanted to give up, the constant sleepless night and the short time to meet up with assignments. But before then I was scared how I was going to cope because I’m just 6months in the business while the least person there was 2 years in the business, I prayed to God to help me because I needed to do well in this school.

Prudential Gabriel
Prudential Gabriel

One month into the fashion school my school pulled out from asuu now I need to go back to school, I cried because I have spent a lot of money in this fashion school and I didn’t want to miss any class, two weeks after the rumors exam timetable came out who will I run to, who will help me write this exam I was so weak and wasn’t concentrating again.

So I went to my school imo state university and wrote my final exam, I spent two weeks in school immediately after exams I came back to Prudential Fashion Academy.

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