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From Humble Beginnings to Fashion Stardom: The Evogues Apparel Journey

How Abbie Mathias Egbe the Creative Director of E-vogues Apparel and E-vogues Fashion Academy started her clothing line with One Machine and 9 Years Later Exploded




E-vogues Apparel is a fashion brand that has been making waves in the industry for quite some time. This brand has shown remarkable progress in moving from glass to grace. Evogues Apparel was initially a small business that faced numerous challenges. However, through hard work, dedication, and commitment to quality, the brand has evolved into a fashion powerhouse.

Evogues Apparel was founded by Abbie Mathias, located in Portharcourt, River State Nigeria. She worked tirelessly to design, produce, and market her clothes. Her hard work paid off, and her business started to grow. She operates a clothing line and a fashion Academy all together which is amazingly incredible what a woman can do.

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This is her Story Below, How it all Started

In conclusion, E-vogues Apparel’s success story is one of perseverance, hard work, and determination. Abbie Mathias Egbe’s passion for fashion and her desire to cater to the needs of women clothings have led her to build a fashion empire. E-vogues Apparel has moved from glass to grace, overcoming numerous challenges along the way. The brand’s commitment to quality, affordable prices, and customer satisfaction have earned it a loyal following. Evogues Apparel’s story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs, especially those in the fashion industry, that with hard work, dedication, and perseverance, anything is possible.

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