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10 Fashion Related Jobs and Business You Can Do



For those of you that learn sewing but you don’t want to sew for people but still want to make money doing fashion related businesses, Get in here.

You can goto fashion Academy, graduate and decides that you don’t want customers headaches, stress. These are online businesses you can do from comfort of your home. And when done full time, can still pay you enough or more than what some Fashion Designers sewing for clients earn.

Photo Credit – Precious Apparel Fashion Academy

1. Fashion Blogging – You can decide to be a fashion blogger and as someone that has knowledge on fashion world, you can do the job without any stress better than anybody. You can even be better than Bellanaija😁. You can operate the best blog in Africa. You can make minimum of N200,000 every month and even more. You can collaborate with brands and earn revenue through sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

2. Content Creation – Content Creation such as Online Tutorials can pay you alot of money when you do it full time. Most Designers that do tutorials do it part time, you can use the opportunity to do yours full time and make the best of it. Create Content, upload to YouTube consistently. If you successfully monetize your YouTube, you can be make millions of Naira every month from those videos.

Photo Credit – Precious Apparel Fashion Academy

3. Questions & Answers hub – Alot of fashion designers ask questions every day on sewing, and other fashion related topics. imagine, having a Community or forum where you can drop your questions and get answers in minutes. And Fashion Designers will subscribe monthly or weekly to be part of the forum. It can be a Facebook Community, Website forum, An App etc. In the community or Forum will have a kind of priority time management, the higher the priority, the higher the price. You can even employ more designers to attend on questions when it gets bigger.

4. Sewing Articles, Magazines, Sewing Guides – Writing books now is very easy with the help of Artificial Intelligence AI. With AI tool such as ChatGPT, you can write anything within seconds and minutes. You can decide to write, publish sewing helpful sewing articles, tips, hack etc, Print Style magazines, Print Sewing Measurements Booklets. And you can sell them Online or Offline. You can print as many as possible and sell them to Fashion Designers.

5. Selling Unique Sewing Equipments – They are alot of fency sewing equipments, tools and products, you can order online at a very cheap price and sell them online or offline. Check for fency sewing equipments on Aliexpress, import and sell them. You can as well make videos on how to use the tools, share them online. Even content Creation tools that will be useful to fashion designers.

You can as well add selling of Sewing machines, mannequin and other sewing equipments. Selling sewing equipments and tools can as well make you a lot of money.

6. Fashion Academy – Online and Offline Fashion Academy is another option, Just teach your students and leave sewing for people that wants to Sew for clients. You can even focus on only online classes, do it full time and consistently. You will be surprised how many students you can teach in a year. Let’s assume you teach minimum 10,000 Students at the rate of N5000 in a year, that’s totally of N50,000,000.00 without marketing charges. The same applies to selling online courses on digital products sites such as Selar etc.

You can as well work an agent, if you don’t have money for Fashion Academy, ie teaching fashion at different Fashion Academy based on contract. You can apply and work as a contractor in different Fashion Academy in which the Academy will pay you depending on the agreement between the two parties. You can also do private teaching too, to individuals that wants to stay in their comfort zone to learn fashion.

Photo Credit – Precious Apparel Fashion Academy

7. Sewing Joints – Sewing joint is a place where different fashion designers can come sew their clothes and leave with complete equipments in the place. Most fashion designers don’t have complete equipments, you can open a place that has everything where designers can come, sew, pay and leave. You can be the first to establish that kind of concept 😁.

8. Facebook Page & Facebook Group – To become an a Fashion Influencer on Facebook is very easy, if you learn the tricks. I can boldly tell you that you can get up to 100k followers in less than 6 months on Facebook page and Facebook Groups. Building that kind of followers, you can charge people, Fashion Designers for organic reach Adverts. It is similar to what Tunde Ednut, Ankarazone, AsoebiGuest, Tailorscatalog, and Ankaraexclusive etc is doing. Social media blogging/influencer. And more effective when a woman that knows about fashion industry rubs the pages and groups. The most interesting thing about it, is that you can move those followers to other platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

9. Fashion Rental Service: Launch a fashion rental service where customers can rent designer clothing and accessories for a limited period. This allows individuals to wear high-end fashion items without the commitment of purchasing them.

10. Fashion Event Planning: Start an event planning business that specializes in fashion-related events, such as fashion shows, trunk shows, or product launches. Offer services like venue selection, runway production, and coordinating with designers and models.

Tell us on the comment section which job or business is interesting and you would love to have on this list

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